So after the initial fun and games in Kirkland set us back an hour (see the adventure nearly ends on day one), we set off on the drive to Silver falls state park.

The drive was long and pretty uneventful, including a nap for E in the car park of a Starbucks in Historic Thurston County. Seriously, she will fall asleep in seconds when you want to get somewhere close, but a three hour drive, nope, that needs a trailer nap.

Now the weather was atrocious, not just bad, but heavy heavy rainfall, and when we get to the park, the camping area has a lot of standing water. So we just had to carry on. We got dinner ready (Beyond Meat burgers and salad) and ate inside Red on the bed.

S running through 6 inches of standing water in Silver Falls state park

Today’s first lesson

So it may be obvious to most people, but letting a three year old and a seven month old eat their dinner on your bed is not the smartest idea. We didn’t being a blanket for our bed, so now we have to sleep on a sheet covered in various colors of avocado, tomato and burger.

But we got through a nice dinner together, the camp site was ready and despite S’s protestations that we could definitely start a fire outside for marshmallows, we were getting ready for bed.

A big thank you to friends

So as we were getting E ready for bed, S was getting pretty fussy. He likes to have all the focus for his bedtime routine, and having his sister in the same room and taking time from him was looking to be a disaster. And then he opened the toy box we brought and thank god for friends.

Someone had given us a light up toy where you can create pictures in the dark, it makes no noise and is great for a three year old. Now we have a kiddo desperate to get in pajamas brush his teeth and get into his bed so he can play his new nighttime game.

He’s somewhere in the dark here putting in the pieces

Thank a thousand times Jess for saving our butts with this game. S loves it and plays it till he’s ready to pass out, then wakes up and plays some more quietly before E wakes up.

He’ll even let me sleep in a bit whilst he plays provided I deposit a fresh bowl of corn flakes next to him beforehand!

End of day one

SO we survived the first day on the road and got to bed without major incident, that is until the nighttime rains really hit, but I’ll save that for the next post. We’re alive and safe a traveling as a family of four…

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