However, waking up at 2am to the steady drip drip of water coming through the roof onto me was not a perfect first night. This was the first night we’d been out in Red in the rain, and we’d not had any issues with Red on the drive over the last few months despite living in the “Rainy City”.

So as I mentioned in my last post, our first day had been pretty wet, with heavy rainfall through the day and a fairly waterlogged campsite which didn’t dampen our spirits.

So much water is never an easy road trip

So there we were, desperately trying to not wake the kids whilst a steady drip drip came through the roof onto the bed. Our only option as true Brits, was to grab some tea towels and jam them into every gap we could in the hope of stemming the tide until morning when we could take stock. To our great surprise, it mostly worked!

We stayed warm and dry and managed to soak up the remaining water with tea towels. Useful for more than drying dishes, holding a hot pan, and creating a dangerous rat tail whip when sodden.

Working on a fix

I must confess that we’ve had a lot of help and advice from Homegrown Trailers with identifying a fix. The issue appeared at first to be with the canvas that covers the gap between the main cabin, and where the “pop-up” section connects. This was sodden, and we thought that there must be a gap, but that on close inspection was not our culprit.

So we took a lot of pictures, and sent them to Corey at Homegrown who noticed a little bit of light chinking through a wooden gutter that shouldn’t of been visible. Essentially, a tiny gap had formed between the wood gutter and the canvas which was allowing water to work its way into the canvas and across the roof, onto me inside.

The solution to everything is…

So I always thought the fix for every problem was duct tape, but when it’s pouring with rain, the adhesive doesn’t work properly. So The new answer to everything is “Gorilla Glue”.

Much like super glue in the UK, this glue works in wet weather, dries super fast, is water proof and expands to fill holes. So the solution to our problem was to fill the errant gap with a shit ton of glue and see whether it solved the issue.

The first time, it reduced the wetness a lot, to the extent we just got a single drip, but not fixed yet. But we’ve added some more glue on the other side now, and I’m feeling bullish that the problem is solved and I won’t be awoken at 2 am again with a wet drip on my head, at least not from the roof, S can never be trusted at night….

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  1. What a resourceful son and daughter in law we have!!
    Let’s hope that the gorilla glue continues to do its work! By the way – we do have it in the UK – and Webb’s sell it!


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