We stayed two nights at Lake Isabella KOA which is a wild west themed RV site. It’s not got a lot nearby but there’s a well stocked. https://koa.com/campgrounds/lake-isabella/

Stunning mountain views abound the site

We stayed two nights at Lake Isabella KOA which is a wild west themed RV site. It’s not got a lot nearby but there’s a well stocked general store and an amazing playground for the kids.

S tries out the wild west adventure playground, three “stables”, a wagon, climbing frame and giant spiders web with a few swings for good measure

One key thing about this area, there main season doesn’t start until First weekend of May, so many of their draw features are not available till then. This includes a swimming pool, splash pad for kids, bicycle rental, games room.

What was open was the General Store, a full bar for the grown ups with pizza ovens, wild west themed playground and volleyball court.

Site hookups are powered and have water, though a word of warning, for those with young infants, there are warning signs up that when the water was tested a few years back it was slightly elevated for nitrates.

According to the notice, nitrates are not considered dangerous, but should not be consumed by infants under six months. We drank bottled water just to be safe, but suspect most people wouldn’t be concerned.

Our stay was nice, staff were friendly and lots of other children for S to play with. Area is not full of life and it does get pretty hot and sunny, so remember, Slip on a top, slap on a hat and slop on some sunscreen.

Things we did in the area and enjoyed

Silver City Ghost Town – Fifteen minutes drive from the RV park in Bodfish is the cute Ghost Town. Not your traditional affair, but a grouping a buildings saved from multiple abandoned towns around the area, and consolidated into one place. Twenty unique buildings to look at and great write ups of the history. Fabulous value at $5.50 per adult and both kiddos were free. http://silvercityghosttown.com

Pictures to follow

Kernville River Park –A little town park in the town of Kernville. Had a playground, restrooms, a beautiful views of the River Kern in full flow.

The view from the river park with a small playground and picnic benches was lovely and peaceful

Many people kayaking and inflatable riding down the river, a wonderful spot to have a picnic. Across the road is the world’s best stocked gas station if you’re looking for camping gear. Even to the extent of stocking climbing chalk, they had it all. Kernville is a small mining town with some interesting history, though check if the town museum is open the day you visit (it wasn’t when we were in town.

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