Monique and David were born in Southend on Sea in the United Kingdom. We met for the first time in about 1995, but it took ten years of staring by Dave before Monique finally gave in and went on a date.

Many years on from then, we’re married, have two beautiful kids (S is 3 and E is under a year), two puggles (Harry and Phoebe) and are living in Kirkland, Washington.

This site is the story of our plan to spend more time outdoors, more time traveling and our device, which was to buy a trailer and use my paternity leave to travel around the US for 8 weeks and see where we go from there.

For reference, except for a 5 week driving trip through Western Australia before we got married and a few camping trips, we are total RV novices, so the first few blogs are going to be full of mistakes we made, and hopefully by the later ones, some exciting things to share.

For us, the Journey is the Adventure, and if you want us to see your posts on twitter, instagram or facebook tag it with #thejourneyistheadventure and we’ll take a look!

E, Monique, Dave & S